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Blog Help??


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I know many of you are much more computer savvy than I am....

I wanted to see if any of you 'bloggers' out there might be able to help me out a bit.

I am having trouble getting the pictures to go where I want them to when I upload an image.

Also, do others have troulbe with it being sooooo slow to upload an image?

I want to be able to:

Post a picture (centered)

write about it

Post a picture

write about it....

and so on...so that the images are mixed with the text (like Nina's Mouse in Bugville post)

However, every time I upload an image it automatically goes to the top of the post, and I lose all my formatting. It doesn't matter where the cursor is. The newest image goes above or next to the image I posted previously, even though I want it to go BELOW it.

Why does it do this?

How do I get the images to go where I want them to and the text to be inbetween images. I am soooo frustrated!!!

Do I have to download all the images first and then intersperse text? (a royal pain)...

Thanks to any of you techies out there!!!


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Hey Em!! I have NO idea how to help you with this...I'm way impressed that you've gotten this far with your blog...computers and I seem to have a love hate relationship!! :unsure:

I just wanted to stop in and say that I checked out your blog and I LOVE it!! You've done a great job! It really is a great way to keep everyone in the loop so to speak without having to use up your precious energy. I'm sure someone here can help you get the kinks worked out!

Take care love!! :)

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Em, it probably requires that you know a little bit about html code to ensure proper spacing and sizing of pictures. You might be able to find it by searching online --here are some basic ones. You can also probably find tutorial info from the site you are using; you'll need to know if they sue html or some other code. -Nina


picture tips for new bloggers


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Oh Nina! I knew it would be harder than I thought! Shoot! :)

Thank you. I will pick a day when I am HIGH on computer patience (um, when does that happen) to investigate these sites that you have found me. I really, really appreciate it. I am just using google's blogger program (same as you have I think?).

It's mostly easy to use except the picture thing!



Wareagle: Thank you for your sweet words! I miss getting to keep up with you. I hope you are back spasm-free these days and root canal recovered! Yikes! My stepsister has not been to the dentist in like 8 years, I'd hate to see what they found in HER mouth! :unsure:

As for the blog, I really do like it so much and it has been rewarding in ways I have never imagined it could have been. I really didn't think people would actually READ it! Ya know? Or enjoy it so much. But my friends, family, and POTSPals are reading and it is so great.

I feel like I am able to do a little writing (which I like a lot) as well as commune with others in a way that is more doable than keeping up with each person individually (which I wish, wish, wish I could do, but my body doesn't cooperate!). People seem to be understanding of my limitations and that is great too. I just wish I could be more mutual.

I, think too, I am able to help others searching for Lyme as a possibility and also educate friends and family about the world of chronic illness. And, also remind folks that I am more than just my illness. It's just plain fun! And I like having my digital camera to post pics.

It took me a long time to post any pictures of me--I was just posting pics of flowers and the dog and such, but I have also come to be better about recognizing that this is who i am now and this is my body--and I cannot be toned and skinny anymore right now. Or rosy cheeked. I am trying to just let myself accept that I look sick, and that's the deal right now...I'm still me (as Christopher Reeve said, 'I'm Still Me'. Love that!)

Okay, ramble done, but I wanted to say HOWDY.

You crack me up about your computer skills. I am not much better. Nina got me started on the original blog!

Later alligator!

Love, Em

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