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Skin Question


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I have the weirdest thing but it is probably not any relation to POTS. For the past month or so, I have had this round white discoloration patch directly next to the bone on my ankle. It sort of feels just like dry skin but the discoloration really stands out. It is not really a growth or anything and it doesn't hurt. Now it looks like I am getting another one next to it. It is the weirdest thing, but I really don't want to go to the doctor about it. What if he just tells me it is a dry skin patch? I will really feel stupid. I know I am overly sensitive, but before I was diagnosed with POTS I felt like I was going to the doctor with new symptoms all of the time. Should I be concerned about this?

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Since I have developed POTS, I have noticed I have a few new little spots on my back and the backs of my upper arms that appear to have lost pigmentation. It's like for no good reason they are just white. I have no idea if it's a coincidence with being ill with another condition or if my skin would be doing this anyway. I was told by a family doc that these spots are harmless. Just thought I'd share.


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Of course I can't diagnose but it sounds like Vitiligo (not sure of spelling) it's an autoimmune thing and some people are more prone to Addison's if they have that. My cousin has it.

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