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Throat Spasms...

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I've been getting these intense muscle(I think) spasms in my throat these past few days. Well, I've been getting the spasms all over, but I think they're the most intense (or maybe just the most painful) in my throat. It's making it hard to swallow and I can barely talk without it feeling like my throat is tired. I've never had this sensation before. Is this normal? I figure I'm probably just dehydrated as usual, but I'm ALWAYS dehydrated, and I've never experienced this before.

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i've heard of some of us folks having major throat problems, i am sorry you are not feeling well!!

i hope you find some answers and feel better soon!



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Guest dionna

i apologize. i don't usually experience them in my throat and when i do they aren't as bad as what you experience. i don't have any advice and i can't even tell you that i know how you feel but i will let you know that i will be thinking about you and i do hope you get better soon.

dionna :rolleyes:

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