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Starting Mestinon

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Thanks guys! I've heard from doing a serach here that some people need a few days to adjust to it. I'm okay with a few muscle twitches if it makes me feel better :( I already have upset tummy issues, so I hope it doesn't exaccerbate them...but honestly I'd rather have an upset stomach and be able to walk around, than have a happy tummy and be stuck on the couch, ya know?

Hugs and thanks,


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Well, it's been 3 hours since stopping the midodrine and starting the mestinon. Fortunately I don't feel any of the famous side-affects of the mestinon, in fact, it's like I'm not on ANY medication at all. This isn't' so good since my heart gets really unhappy when I don't have my midodrine in my system, and since the mestinon doesn't seem to be doing anything, I've had a resting HR of about 120 for the past two hours. Every time I stand up my heart goes out of control. I'm in the process of trying to get in touch with my doctor to see if I can take my midodrine...because otherwise I'll be in a bad way.

Just wanted to update :)

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