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Kidney Stones


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Has anyone in here had a bout with kidney stones after their dx? I just got out of the hospital for my second run at them. I wonder if it is something common with things going on here, or if it is jus another fun thing my body likes to do.



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I have severe back pain and an ultrasound showed a small kidney stone. They are not sure if it would be causing the pain however.

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I've got severe back pain on the right side and was just told, last week, that I have a kidney stone, too.

I don't know the why's or how's of kidney stones or what they might have to do with POTS, but I've never had them before now!!!


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i've had about 15 (known) kidney stones since my twenties, when i started having what i learned in my late twenties to be dysautonomia stuff. i would guess they could be related....i've had dehydration issues, too, VERY atypcial, & no one yet can explain why each year some system in my body craps out on me. believe it or not, the closest was an ER doc (note: NOT a specialist), who asked me what i had....i said "dysautonomia" and he asked what that was, basically. i said "a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, basically" and he then asked "& what does that control in your body?" and i answered, "well, almost everything, huh?" he just smiled, said "that's right. why are you suprised when we have no explanation for why all kinds of things are happening to you?" wow!! that was an eye-opener! (but also frustrating and sad, in a way). he also admitted medicine had a lot of catching up to do for those of us with this disorder. i had to laugh. he was the first doc who *didn't know anything* but really seemed to have put his finger on a HUGE truth. and one of the only ER docs i've had any respect for...it's usually a battle i won't even go to fight.

sorry for your stones. they hurt, huh? take care and feel better. LOTS of fluids, no dark sodas, tea or coffee and reduced calcium has brought the stone count from 1-2/yr to 1 maybe every 2 years, if that. good luck!

:-) lulu

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Wow, I am so glad this topic came up!!

I too seemed to have just passed a kidney stone not too long ago! :(

I was having pain in my right side, had an ultrasound, went through a severe bout of electrolyte imbalance (potassium level 2.7 ) had CT scan while in the hospital and found out my right ureter was inflammed (from what they think was a big kidney stone)

If anyone has any info on the connection between kidney stones/pain and this disorder, please let us know....

CT reads.... 'Minimal dilation of the right ureter which appears thick walled. The cause for this is not shown in this exam. This may well be due to edema following recent passage of stone.......'

Like we don't have enough to worry about....... :(

Take care all,


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