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I want to know if any of you get wheezing, asthma type symptons with proamatine. I have been on it for about a month and this is a new side affect or symptom of pots for me. It kinda feels like when you have a chest cold. The proamatine is working for me otherwise so I dont want to quit unless I have to. Do you think this a symptom of pots? Thanks for any imput.

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One of the first symptoms I ever had with POTS was shortness of breath with mild wheezing, and to this day I can still hear the wheezy noise if I'm in a quiet room. For me, this was not a side effect of any meds, but just another POTS symptom. In fact, at first, I received an incorrect diagnosis of asthma and was put on albuterol inhalers (just about the worst thing for a POTS patient!!). If it concerns you, I would definitely recommend bringing it up with your doctor.

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