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Orthostatic Heart Rate


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I have not had a TTT yet, and am waiting to be worked up for POTS. In the meantime, I am taking my own orthostatic heart rate and BP measurements at different times thoughout the day. I understand an increase of 30bpm is used in diagnosing POTS, but does it have to increase at least 30 beats EVERY time?

Sometimes mine are >30, and sometimes there only 20 something. I know that heat and dehydration can makes symptoms worse, but is there a "normal" amount of fluctuation?



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To answer your question, "no".

When I had official TTT tests, in both of them, I was told to not eat before the test. Plus, I was emotionally stressed by the process. These two considerations definitely swayed my body to show an increment of 30 BPM upon upright posture.

This has not always been the case during my regular neuro visits.

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If you are using conservative measures (e.g., eating huge amounts of salt) to try to control your POTS, you may want to discontinue them a day or so before having your TTT, if the purpose is to document your POTS. You may wish to document how sick you are, not how well you are managing your illness.

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Guest dionna

i pmed you back but after reading this post i wanted to say that when i went to dr. goldstein i was told to discontinue all of my medications 5 days prior- that is the time i was told i was going to see him, and to not eat or drink anything after midnight before. i hope this helps you some. the first TTT was at NNMC and the second was at NIH. ummm the first i fainted after given nitro... bpm increase of 58. when i went to dr. goldstein i didn't faint but bpm increase of 38. i thought that both were lower until a few days ago i was re-educated and found out what the increase really was. the TTT was the worst and most painful time i had ever fainted and left me very week for a few days so be sure that you have someone drive you to the appointment when you go. i hope you do alright and i hope you get the diagnose you need. hopefully it will be something you can overcome easily. take care of yourself.

dionna :)

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