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Flexible Goat


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Tonight i was talking with a neighbor by the goat pens and well this one goat is walking around with something strange around the belly. A closer look and there he has the water bucket stuck. I said "i didn't know he could fit in it", his response is "he didn't know either".

Five gallon buck, 80 lb market goat wether, what a way to collect pee. It didn't bother him one bit altho the other three boys were thirsty. It was a struggle to get it off of him but it did come off. Two pictures...



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Well, if you ever need to housetrain a goat- you may be on to something! How cute! My mom tells the story of training for children. Get two goats, take them to the grocery store, and you have to pay to for anything they break. If you can handle that- then, you might be ready for kids. :blink:


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