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Dr. Appt - Adding Florinef

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Went to see internest today in my area who has another POTS patient and has had POTS patients in the past. She is starting me on 1 mg Florinef and changing to taking lopressor one time a day at bed time 12.5 mg. Having blood work done weekly to monitor side-effects of Florinef. Hopefully we will be able to adjust these medications along with lots of fluid and salt and I will be back to feeling like myself again. I'm not going to give up until we find out what works for me.

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It's important to keep up with the salt loading while you are taking Florinef. You might also consider adding extra potassium and magnesium to your regimen, because Florinef tends to deplete you of these. Your doctor and pharmacist can advise you on potassium and magnesium supplementation.

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