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Back Spasms..

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Hey guys..well I went to the doc. to see about this back pain I've been having and she says it's back spasms. I had a nice little knot b/w my right shoulder blade and back bone. Had x-rays done and everything is fine with my back itself...so now I'm going to a PT to work on my muscles. At first I thought I was still having pain from my gallbladder surgery b/c it was in the same area..but now I just don't know.

My PT says I don't have much muscle tone left in my back and we are going to focus on stretching and strengthening...so far I haven't been able to do much and actually had to cx. for today b/c my back is one big cramp right now (had a bad spasm yesterday for no apparent reason). I'm doing the heat thing and trying to move as much as possible...but was wondering if any of you have had experiences with this before?

Can we take muscle relaxers with POTS or is it a no no ? I really don't want to go the medication route anyway but I was curious just in case this starts to become a chronic problem for me. Any advise is much apprectiated! :D

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I have had back trouble for years. The best help was from a physical therapist who gave me exercises which strengthen the back. For now, you just have to take it easy until your back calms down, but when you recover, do those exercises!

I have a chiropractor I visit whenever my back goes out. If I don't go and get adjusted, I can develop the spasms again, and that just takes time to calm down.

The chiro gave me a cream called "sombra" which smells like eucalyptus and citrus, and has a cooling effect. I don't know if it does anything, but I use that, with a heating pad, aspirin, and REST. Hope you're feeling better soon. :D

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