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I jsut recently developed this, and it's pretty unsightly on me. My doctor said that main causes are thyroid dysfunction, mild ovarian dysfunction, pregnancy, or birth control pills. All four have been ruled out for me. I never heard the connective tissue connection, but that's pretty interesting. It's about the only thing I haven't had checked out yet.


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Not that this has much to do with the topic, but this is the first reference to hyperpigmentation spots I've ever heard of since my daughter's birth. My adopted daughter has this listed on her birth papers from the hospital and she has large blotches all over her back and buttocks... they almost look blueish colored sometimes, but usually brown depending on the light... When we changed her for the first time at the hospital, the nurses had us sign papers that we knew what they were and that they were there at birth and didn't happen during delivery or doctor/nurse care, before we could take her home - really kind of freaked us out! Don't know if this is true for all hyperpigmentation spots, but her pediatriction said they should mostly fade by them time she's five (so far they are still very apparent and I have to always explain to anyone new who watches her what they are so that they know they are not bruises!)

I can understand how unsightly they must be... guess we are lucky her's are in a hidden area :D

Hope you can find out information to help make more sense of why hyperpigmentation spots happen.

- Tammy

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Whenever I get really stressed out, I will get these brown spots all over my neck, chest, and back area. I am not sure what they are and when I have them and go to the Doctor, they always tell me that it is a viral infection. I think that translates to: "I have no idea".

Good Luck!


P.S. Doesn't Addison's Disease kind of mimic POTS and cause these blotches?

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