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some one knnow an specialist in neck, I want one inn clinica mayo in arizona. I need a surgical cerviccal neck.... and a generall check up. I have POTS. But I need other opinion abouu t my neck.

Sorry for the gramatic but in this this moment I ca write well, I have problems with my arms.

I need a good doctor in the clinica mayo in arizona.


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if you're looking for a surgeon, i'm pretty certain that no one on the site (at least no one that posts) has had spine surgery at mayo clinic in arizona. there are a handful of us who have had cervical surgeries of some type but i believe we've all had it done in more northern parts of the country, specifically the midwest or eastcoast.

also, while it is always great to have a doctor that understands dysautonomia at least to some degree, a surgeon will not likely be someone who actually specializes in dysautonomia. i was lucky to have a surgeon & an anesthesiologist who had knowledge of dysautonomia but they both still also spoke with my autonomic specialist prior to my surgery.

have you been told that you need surgery? a cervical fusion?

all the best,

:) melissa

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