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Reynauds, Beta Blockers

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Does anyone else here have Raynaud's and use beta blockers? I am starting back on atenolol dut to tachycardia while weaning off narcotics. Have terrible reaction to Toprolxl, severe epigastric pain,sudden onset, lasted for over 12 hrs. Took nitroglycerin with only a few minutes relief.

Just wondering if those of us with Raynauds really have to avoid the beta blockers all together?


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i have raynauds, though not severely, and take a low dose of beta blockers (inderal/propranolol) without any problem.

hope you find something that works for you,

B) melissa

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hi i have raynaurds as well and i do take a maz doseage of a beta blocker.. and a low doseage of an aditional beta blocker..um i've never been told to avoid bb's...

there are alot of bb's out there.. good lcuk finding something that works for you! B)


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