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Please Help! Need Dr. In Chicago Asap.


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I know I have dysautonomia & Pots. I am also being treated for lyme. I have tacchycardia when going up the stairs and in the heat, I have major brain fog, forgetfullness( which is fine when lying down), pins and needles nerve pains, and headaches, and some dizziness. Have not had a TTT yet.

I am already taking in salt & lots of fluids.

Please help me find a doctor. I live in the NW suburbs.

Any advice on treatment and how much salt to take in would be helpful.

I can't go on like this, am very depressed. I want to have children some day and have read scary stories.

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Sara, many here have had children and/or are having children. Don't let other's stories scare you. As for finding a physician--please see the following link:


the first set of links are places where you can look for physicians in your area.


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Hi Sara,

I am currently seeing Dr. Janice Gilden through St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital in Chicago. I would be happy to talk to you about her. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

FYI- I have an 18 mo old daughter. Did not have a diagnosis when I was pregnant. It was very very difficult but I have a beautiful little girl who lights up my world.


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Guest malosp


Your symptoms sound just like mine and I also am being treated for lyme.

I was well at this time last year out running road races. Now I am pretty much a couch potato.

Some of my autonomic nervous system symptoms got better immediately when I started treatment for lyme. Since it has only been a month on antibiotics I guess that says something. That is the lyme causing a lot of my POTS like symptoms.

The dizziness has improved with the antibiotics but the tachycardia is still there. Dr. Donta who is a lyme doctor in Mass believes the lyme irritates the nerves leading to the heart and that is why we have tachycardia.

I am hoping that the tachycardia will go away too. That is my hope. It is hard to believe that a little tick bite can cause so much trouble.

I know without a doubt that lyme caused my POTS like symptoms but whether everything will go away or not is still to be seen. I have read stories of people that claim it did go away once they got better on treatment for lyme.

We will see I guess.

I guess my biggest curiousity is why some people get one set of lyme symptoms and others get another set? Co-infections maybe?

I don't have the arthritis, but I have the muscle aches and the tachycardia. Other people have the arthritis and no fast heart rates. I just don't get it? The type of lyme you get maybe? The type of tick that gave it to you?

I think that you can have kids someday. I think you have to just be careful and pick your medicines carefully. I believe you should only use heart drugs if the fast heart rates or heart issues are life altering. Otherwise, I feel you should wait and see if the lyme treatment helps.

Take are and remember everyone is different. What works for one does not for another. I guess that is what I am finding in my search. I am going to go with what works for me not what the standard treatment is.

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