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Roller Coaster Drop

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Do you ever feel like you're falling, but you're not? Sometimes I experience a weird sensation like when you're tummy drops going over the first hill of a roller coaster and you can't catch your breath for a minute.

This usually happens when I'm driving in the passenger seat of a car. It almost always happens when I ride in the back seat. I have to squirm in my seat and focus on some scenery to get my breath back. It's just a weird feeling and I don't know if it's POTs related or what?

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Yes I've done that too but not always in a car I've done it standing too.

I use to dream about falling alot when I was younger and I've seen others on here talk about that so I wonder if it is that feeling during sleep that causes the dream?

Something else to wonder about!? :lol:

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Yes! I know what you mean!

This happens to me after I get off of elevators and also sometimes when I lay in bed after I've done too much! (I haven't experienced this in the car though)

It's amazing what types of symptoms we experience!!


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