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Feel So Tierd!

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Hello all.

Today ive been extremley tierd. I went to sleep at 2pm for 2 hours because i felt like my eyes were tierd i woke up and still feel the same. I feel like you do when you just wake up, body seems lagging.

Think i need a nice sleep tonight and a hot bath.

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Sorry your having a tired day , so am I , my eyes are looking like I've been crying all night and are so bright red I look positively weird , they are also sore, puffy and blurred ( pass the dark glasses please )

Join the afternoon sleep club founder members hubby and I ........sleep time starts at 1.45pm and wake up time is no later than 4.30 pm ( when son gets home from school) I settle down on the bed with a vanilla candle burning ( away from myself and on a safe unit ).............smells wonderful!!!! :rolleyes:

ah! this little ' time out ' is also when I do half an hour on the lap-top working on my book ( if I dont fall to sleep at the lap-top first!) and the DVD on the TV in the bedroom ( for me to watch ...with my eyes shut) makes so much difference to the day.............I can cope with my rest afternoons.......take it away and I'm well and truly s*****d .

We even disconnect the phone ,fax and turn off this mother computer , put a sign up at the door and lock it !

Rest is the best thing you can get with this condition 35 years of having it 'hitchhiking about my body' has taught me this.

Best wishes and hope you feel better soon Willows.

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Even with the PM nap I am still wiped out... and sometimes I take a morning nap too! But if I don't then I am really, really wiped out!

My PCP says that will probably just be life as I know it!

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