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Abnormal Ecg???


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I had ordered a copy of my charts and found an ECG I had from a cardiologist I saw a few months ago, and it said that it was an abnormal ECG. It read sinus tachycardia (as usual), but it also listed a "short PR interval" and "extensive ST-T changes" as abnormal. It said on the sheet that it was an "unconfirmed analysis", whatever that means. Does anyone know about this? My cardiologist said the ECG was fine. I guess I trust him, but I think that sometimes doctors get in the mind set of looking for specific things without looking at the whole picture. If anyone has any medical expertise or has heard of a short PR interval before, I would appreciate the info!

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Hi there, Tachycardia can be a cause of shortened PR interval on your ECG, and considered a normal varient. As your heartrate increases, your PR interval can shorten. Your doctor may have felt your ECG was "fine" as he may have expected to see a shortened PR interval with your tachycardia. Does that make sense? hope this helps you out a bit! Laura.

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