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Feels Like Worms

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Please help.........wasn't sure if this is a POTSy thing

maybe I should have put this on chit-chat forum?

Anyway, my back feels like I have worms crawling under the skin, it didn't hurt at first but now it's starting to.

Very strange and I'm getting really freaked out.

Have I lost my mind?

It seems to be getting worse and I'm getting scared,

Any ideas?


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Hi Amber,

Boy, a new thing, who needs it?

Are your muscles actually moving because things like low magnesium can make those little twitches and zips and zaps. Is it more tingly? A small area can be the area of a specific nerve, but a larger area can be from low oxygen carried to the area so it might depend on your circulation today or breathing -- you know, like when your leg "goes to sleep" from pressure and then wakes up from removing the pressure.

I am not trying to diagnose you, and I hope you figure out some answers, or get some from your doctor. But there has to be an explanation. And it certainly appears if your mind is still with you!

I hope it goes away soon.


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Thanks OLL,

I have it in my arms now too.......if I move around it seems to go away.

I think it may have to do with the muscles. It does feel like zips and zaps.

I worked out with weights yesterday so maybe my body is telling me it didn't like it.

I've calmed down now, sorry for getting all melodramatic.


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Hey Amber!! I'm SOOOOO sorry you're not feeling well! Are you sure it feels like it's in your muscles, or does it feel like it's just under your skin? If it does, it could be a sun reaction - I know it's really hot where you are. There's also the possiblity that it's Restless Leg Syndrome, and that doesn't always just happen in your legs. Good luck and let me know how you're doing!!

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Hi Kate,

Not really sure how to describe the feeling........it's was a bit of both I guess. It even felt like my shirt was moving. I actually went and looked in the mirror to make sure there was nothing there.

It's gone now, and I hope it stays that way.

As for it being the sun, it was stormy today. Cloudy and windy, a bit of rain. It was still really warm out though. I think the high was 87 today.

Thanks, Amber

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