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Pots And Cushing's Disease


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Hi folks..

I was wathcing a thing on TV tonight where they were talking of a women who suffered like 7 years.. with a rapid weight gain-buffalo hump-symptoms of IBS.. and some other things.. well I got to thinking.. and I was like wow.. that sounds alot like mE!

I have be tested many times for Chushing's disease my dr.g and dr. fouad. as well as various other docs.. b/c I look like cushing's patient would look.. all of my wieght in in my middle.. and my arms and legs are still skinny.. there arent fat like my mid section.. and I have a round face..excessive hair growth-- that i never had until I got severe with pots-

it just that.. wathcing this tonight realy go me thinking.. I have a cyst or something gorwing on my pituitary gland an my pineal gland.. and I cant get a doc to really look into it.. its been pushed off to the side..

and I cant help but think that there is a strong connection there w/ the cyst (or waht ever they may be)...pots.. and all the wacky things going on with me..

the worse that my pots gets.. the more non exsistant my periods get-- the more weight i gain- and more hair grows.. and the bigger the hump on my neck gets.. and as a whole the worse i feel in general..

I have asked how can I be getting heavier when I cant eat for daysat time.. and when I do eat I eat like abird.. when I was 16 i was thin.. and i didnt have some of the things going on then that i have going on now..

I think that maybe I overwhelm doc sometimes with my WHY questions.. and frustrate them b/c they dont have an answer..

so do any of you folks have any knowledge of cushing's disease? and do you think that there is a link with pots??

I cant help but think that there is.. and if i could get a doc t really listen.. and really take a look at me.. i think its a key part in what is goin on with me..

I just cant let the thought exscape me that there is a connection with my pitutitary /pineal gland.. and pots.. and all the nedocrine things going on..

my cortisol levels actually the recent labs taken they came back low.. so I dont know!!

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Guest CyberPixie

If you have low cortisol levels then thats not cushings, at least I'm pretty sure it isnt.

There is a site with tons of info on cushings, maybe have a search.

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Linda, that's sounds frustrating and I can see why you'd be anxious about it.

One thing to rule out would be PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which has sx of unexplained weight gain (especially around the middle), irregular periods, and excess body hair. Given the quality of doctors that you are seeing this has probably already been checked, it's just a thought.

Here is a quiz on it, http://www.pcosupport.org/support/quiz.php

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I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. I hate it when you know something is wrong and no-one seems to find anything.

Following up on PCOS as Be Still said, it is commonly associated with high insulin (syndrome X). High insulin is associated with abdominal weight gain. A couple good tests are fasting and post-prandial insulin levels and also the ratio between triglycerides and HDL (the higher the number the more likely the insulin is too high).

I assume you have been to endocrinologists.

Best wishes in your search for answers.


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