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Need To Find A Doctor In Houston Area

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I am a new forum member also. I have been diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension but have had this since I was a teenager. I am now in my sixties and it is really bad. Last week, I was cooking in my kitchen. I started feeling a little "out of sorts" but was determined to finish cooking. I could feel my blood pressure dropping and my heart racing. I began to sweat profusely. Finally, I took my clothes off and wrapped myself in a towel so I could cool off. I was literally standing in puddles, my hair was dripping, and rivers of sweat were pouring off my face and down my legs. I must have had some cognitive problems because I did not recognize that I was in trouble. After I finished cooking, I drank some Gatorade and lay down to rest. Later, I went to my kitchen and saw that I had spilled grease in the floor and had been walking through it. Powdered sugar was everywhere. I remember dropping a cake in the floor, picking it up and putting the frosting on it. A couple of years ago, I was waiting in the summer heat for a bus. When I got on the bus, the cool air hit me and immediately, my bp dropped out of sight. When I woke up, I had projectile vomiting and explosive diahrrea. By that time the bus was on the freeway and couldn't stop. That was the most miserable thirty minutes of my life. These episodes leave me very vulnerable and subject me to danger. My doctor doesn't appear to understand what I have and the medication does not work. I have checked the dysautonomia web sites to find a doctor in the Houston area but do not find one. Can anyone recommend one? Or, would it be better to just go to a hospital in another state with an autonomic dysfunction center?

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Guest sonotech

Hi there!

I ALSO live in the Houston area and am currently seeing a cardiologist who is VERY familiar with POTS and he is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor.

He is located in the medical center:

DR. Nadim Nasir

6560 Fannin st, suite 620

Houston TX 77030

6th floor of the Scurlock Tower

(713) 791-1978

I have been seeing him for a few months and he diagnosed me IMMEDIATELY (after suffering for 6+ years and seeing LOTS of doctors).

He is young and takes this disorder VERY seriously and treats it aggressively. He also uses every resource that he has to treat each pt individually!!

He is hard to get in with (initially) but if you let them know how much trouble you have been having they usually try to do what they can to help, and make sure you send any tests or medical records you may have before your first appt.



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Thanks for the info. I just need to find out what type of dysautonomia I have and to get better treatment. The Florinef and Toprol are not working. I have taken them for one year. My cardiologist says to keep taking them and that she's glad I am doing better..it was as if she did not even hear me when I told her about my latest episode.

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