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Child W/pots Eligibile For Ssd??

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I think this is a miracle but my caretaker happened to run into someone at work and was talking to her about me when she very understandly said, "She knew" well come to find out HER DAUGHTER HAS POTS!!!!

She is only 8 years old and has been sick for about 5 years. I have desperately wanted to connect face to face with someone going through this and now it looks like I'm going to get too. It's already been really encouraging for me and my caretaker. I FEEL SO BLESSED.

Anyway. I already have my SSD set up, but I was wondering can a Child get SSD and Medical benefits? Her parents have had a horrible time finically since she has gotten sick and I know the state offers it for children somehow because I had SSD when I was like 12 and sick with Myasthenia Gravis.

But I wouldn't know where to start with the whole POTS and SSD because I'm under SSD as an undiagnosed illness (since I got it before they know what was wrong with me - do I need to get they changed :rolleyes: ???)

Anyway- Does anyone have any suggestions for me so I can help get them the information they need???


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since she is a chikd.. her mom would have to call the social security office.. and apply for SSI benfits for her daughter..more then likely the young girls mom would be her payee.. since she is under 18yrs old.

But yeah--she should be eligible to appply for SSI.. SSI is for kids..as well as folks who havent put in enough money to qualify for SSDI..

SSDI-- is for people who have worked and put in enough money I guess.. to get a bit more then in money then you would get on SSI..you have to provide information just as you would for an adult..

But yes.. I would let her mom to call the SSI office and get the ball rolling.. I was on SSI from shortly after birth until i was 18yrs old.. and got booted off and then got back on when I was 22..

Oh yeah and if the child is on SSI.. they are eligible for state medicaid automatically.. I think..

good luck to them!!


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