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Standing W/o Inc. In Heart Still Pots


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I know this may sound like a dumb question but I want to know...

I was already diagnosed with P.O.T.S., had more than one positive Tilt table test.

But the last couple times that did standing and heart rate/blood pressure tests on me my heart rate did not do what it normally does... IE the classic POTS rapid increase within 2-10 to over 120/150 bpm.

I was having really good days on both the tests but I thought that wouldn't matter?? And I have been able to do more? (Right I'm down again now...) but I'm really puzzled by this...

Why was I able to make it standing the full 10 minutes that time? And my heart only got up to like 98 to 115. And at others I can't.

I'm just so confused. I'm frustrated. Does anyone else experience this? Do you still have POTS? How do you know if you "get rid of it"? Does it ever go away?

I feel so confused...

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All I know is POTS is so much more than tachy. I have many days where my standing HR is in the 100-115 range. I still feel bad.

Are you on any meds that would lower your HR?

'Lowered HR' is not equal to 'Feel Good' (dang, won't let me do the cool 'not equal' sign.)

'Lowered HR' is not equal to 'No POTS'


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If it makes you feel any better, my neuro always takes my BP while sitting in his office and then during intervals adding to 10 minutes.

When just looking at heartrate, it would seem (from a few of my visits) that I've improved. Last visit I regressed and the doctor noticed that my heartrate went up and he was confused. I told him I was having a "bad" day.

Conclusion: It is so much more than the 30 BPM increment. Numbers can be fine. I can be miserable.

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Like the others already said, it is so much more than a HR increase, and you can have bad days and good days that do matter in terms of HR. Like the other day I had a resting HR of 90, and today I can't keep it under 110 lying down and 130 standing up. I have found that there are so many variables that affect how you are feeling and how your body is responding that there is a lot of variance from day to day or test to test. There are some days I could never make it 10 minutes, some days it is not a problem. One major factor that I have found is hydration. If you are dehydrated, the symptoms of POTS will probably be much more noticeable or even exaggerated. But if you are well hydrated, you might have a little lower HR or be able to stand up longer. Like I said, there are just a lot of variables. My doctor just calls me complicated, because I am all over the place with things. I have had this for 4 years, and still haven't figured it out. But most doctors have told me that POTS does tend to wax and wane, and varies from day to day.

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Melissa, I totally agree with you. Like a broken record (oops! dating myself) like a CD with a skip in it, I keep saying over and over, "There are so many variables!"

What you ate

What you didn't eat


Trying new meds

Old meds not playing nice

Forgot meds

Threw up meds

Ran out of meds

Can't afford meds

Good day

Bad day

So-so day

It?s daytime?

Barometric pressure


Cold coming on

Cycle stages

Overdid it yesterday

Husband looked at you wrong

Wedding to go to

SSDI forms in the mail

Hair falling out

Kids are sick

Had sex

Didn't have sex

Too much pepper

IC acting up

Didn't sleep

Slept too much

Baby has foreign material coming out of mouth

New wrinkle/gray hair

Black cat walked across path

Doctor appointment

Doctor appointment canceled

No one's answering my post

Need wheelchair

Party next door


Kid in trouble at school

Parent is sick

Skunk in garage

Biopsy next week

Doctor hasn't called back

ER disaster

Dropped cell phone in toilet/lake (that's personal!)

Body haywire for no good reason whatsoever

Husband left toilet seat up

Strange bruises


Full moon

Car breaks down

Pillow is acting funny

Can?t find important paper/object

Therapist keeps yawning

too many variables . . .

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THANK YOU... I never really thought about it this way. And it so true. I just I'm so tired of not being validated by Docs and always questioned. It makes me question myself.

I shouldn't do that. It helps to know you all are feeling and experiencing the same things. Thank you for your support and help.

POTS is just so much so often, I often get overwhelmed and feel so misunderstood. Especially by the medically community. Thanks for being there.


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I have to chime in agree here - I seem to have good spells and bad spells. I was being wheeled out of my classroom by the school nurse (I am /was a teacher) 2 months ago and couldn't function, and now I am working in the garden a few hours a day.

A few years ago my heart rate was usually up around 145 when standing or triggered, now its usually between 100-130. My other symptoms cycle too, inlcuding GI stuff, that fuzzy headed feeling, and the shakes.

I have to agree with Be Still -

POTS = Confusion! Even for the doctors!

Feel better soon :)

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