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Severe Fatigue And Sleepiness After Taking Am Clonidine?


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hi ya folks..

i am wondering.. I started a higher dose of clonidine over the past 3-4 days or so.. and I have noticed that the past 3 days.. that after about 30 minutes of taking the higher dose of clonidine taht i am beyond tired and exhausted.. and even though I slept a good 12-14 hours soldily before i got up for the day.. that with in 30-60 minutes that i'm out like a light again.. for another 4-6 hours.. of hevy sleeping..believe you me..after the 11 month stint of wicked bad insomnia I'm not complaining!!

But at fisrt I though I as sleeping much more because of the trip to Ohio I just took.. But I noticed the severe exhaustion and unrelenting fatigue over the past few days shortly after i take clonidine..

and I'm wondering if this is normal?? I usuaully take it ebfore before bed. now I take a small dose when i wake up in the morning along with my regualr BB..

So I'm thinking that maybe I'm still reeling from my trip.. which is real likely.. and tht I'm also adjusting to my new dose of meds?? and maybe it slowing me down a tad too much??

thoughts anyone? my Bp this afternoon when I woke up (yeah I slept late today!) then sletp another 5 hours ontop of that!! ) was low.. it was 90/53 p.54.. hmm.. and it didnt get much hogher then this today..

a sleepy dizzygirl..

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Hello, Linda...Glad to hear you made it back from Ohio in good form. Yes, I think Clonidine can make you sleepy and tired. Have you tried the Clonidine patch? Did you have a Clonidine challenge test in which the doctors monitor your blood pressure and pulse while you are getting Clonidine IV? I remember that when I had this test I walked out of the doctor's office and felt like a zombie. I was so sleepy I don't know how I took the metro and then drove home. I know that towards the end of the challenge my blood pressure and heart rate were pretty low.

Give your doctor's office a call so you can get an "official" opinion, please. I don't want to have to worry about you.

Lois :)

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Guest sonotech

I know that my doc tells me that any change in meds, whether increase in dose OR new med, that you need to give it about 2 wks B4 your body adjusts and symptoms should be better by then.

If symptoms arent better in 2wks then the dosage may not be right.


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hi-- no I have not had the challenge test done~~ i did not know that there was such a thing.. goes to show that you learn something new everyday!! lol..

Um I was on the patch in 2003 (dr. grubb put me on it..).. and i was on the patch till last summer.. when they started taking me off like every medication that i was on b/c my Bp's were WAY low.. like 45-50/like 20/23!!EKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

and I was at that point on the #3 clonidine patch.. well clonidine patches worked well for me.. other then skin irriitations :(:) ...

I started back on the clonidine in pill form back in like November I think. and this is the 3rd time I've increased the dose.. the other 2 times i took it before bed.. so it didnt really matter.. now I take the morning dose.. and HOLY COW!!!.. I like turn into a pile of goo!! lol..

I'm going to call bev or my local cardiology guy .. and inquire about that clonidine challenge thing!! I bet ya its why I feel so mushy and tired.. (aside from my usual butt dragging!) lol :)

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