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Okay guys...TR nite around 8 I had some sort of "gas attack"...I had bloating and alot of pain and pressure in my back and abdomen up to my diaphram..I took a gasX and about 15 min. later it went away and I was fine...then it happened again around 12:30 only this time after I took the gasX it didn't go away.

After 25 min. I woke my mom up and she took me to the ER...I was literally rolling around on my bathroom floor in pain..I was weak and shakey and almost vomitted several times. :blink: Of course when we get to the hospital about 40 min. after I took the meds. It started to subside..then I just felt foolish for going into the ER with "gas". The doc. actually was familar with the term "dysautonomia" but I still refused a shot of meds. so he just gave me more gasX and I was on my way.

Since then I've been scared to eat much of anything..I've been sticking to bland foods and taking gasX after each meal..the doc. said I could take as much as I wanted b/c it's not absorbed into the blood stream. I'm still scared it's going to happen again...I've been feeling very weak and queasy..chills..but no fever, vomitting (knock on wood) or diarrhea. Prior to this I've been having chronic diarrhea for almost a month. My regular doc. is currently out sick so I haven't been in touch with him yet...don't worry I will be speaking to him about this.

Have any of you had this happen before? If so how do you deal with it and prevent it from happening again? I swear I've never felt pain like that before...and if I never experience it again it'd be too soon! I know several of you take gasX...do you take it regularly..is that really okay? I can't keep eating like this..I'm not getting enough sodium!!

Any help would be welcome! :)

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Activated Charcoal tablets are EXCELLENT for absorbing gas pains.

It is even used in some cases of poisoning. Might try that...it works if you have diarrhea and cramps as well. Least it does me. Keep them on hand at all times and if I run out, I get more. They usually last a good while.

Drinking ginger tea from fresh ginger can help IMMENSELY with gas pains as well. Good luck.

Ask you dr when it doubt.

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I had those symptoms almost daily for many months before cutting gluten out of my diet - have you seen a GI about Celiac or wheat intolerance?? Your symptoms are textbook for it. I was down to eating melons and rice before getting better and dropped 15 pounds. And I actually tested negative with a biopsy for Celiac, but stopped eating it anyways and felt SO much better within a week.

If it does happen again, crawling on all fours helps releive the gas (I know it sounds goofy but I swear it works!), and maybe look into some kind of probiotics to help you digest.

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I've had symptoms like this in the past but in my case it was related to my IBS.

Maybe you could try eating bland foods for the next 3-4 days (rice, toast, broth, gatorade etc) to try to give your system a break from working hard to digest foods. Stay away from carbonated drinks or caffeine. Fried or greasy foods should be avoided. Veggies are also tough on the digestive system so don't eat too many for a few days. WHen you try to add back foods, go slowly and see if that makes a difference for you.

I agree the crawling on all fours does help. I've sometimes just been on all fours and rocked back and forth (because I felt to weak to actually crawl around).

I'm sorry you are dealing with this and hope you feel better soon

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I am just wondering if you have been checked for Gall stones??

Gall stones will give you MAJOR gas pain throughout your rib cage and back...also stomache....

I got gall stones from IV Roecefin I did for lyme years ago and I was writhing in pain I thought the gas would kill me....

After an ultrasound I found out I had 3 large stones.... thankfully they were reabsorbed into my system after a while, but I could only eat low fat foods like baby food, toast and cereal for a while...

Just thought I would suggest it to you since it sounded similar to a gall stone attack.

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Guest sonotech

I also have IBS and it causes that kind of pain. It can get so severe sometimes that you think your gonna die.

So maybe ask your doc about it, or look up the symptoms for IBS and see if you have them.

Glad your feeling a little better!!


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Dear Wareagle,

I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience with your digestive system. I had pain like that once when I broke a ten day fast on spaghetti, one of the stooopidist things I have done in my life. I writhed for hours, but survived to tell the tale...

To prevent problems in the future, you need to fix whatever is wrong with your digestive tissue or function and not just wait for attacks with more preparation. In my opinion, the best approach comes from the Institute for Functional Medicine, the highest end multidisciplinary research institute dealing with complex health problems. IFM takes the best and truest of allopathic medicine and complementary healing practices and weaves them into individualized programs for people who seek care.

The starting place for functional medicine in taking care of every patient, no matter what their diagnosis is, is gut restoration and healing. The reason is obvious: the health of the rest of the body depends upon how well the gut takes in what it is supposed to take in and keeps out what it is supposed to keep out. Many things which happen to us adversely affect digestive function.

You can google "4R" which is the name of the gut healing protocol, which means "remove [toxins, allergens and pathogens], replace [enzymes], reinnoculate [flora and prebiotics], repair [intestinal lining]". The link below gives an overview of Functional Medicine and mentions the 4R program. It includes all the advice already given to you, but adds much more.


Good luck and heal quickly,


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Great post and Article OLL!! :(

Its very true that healing begins in the gut and its of most importance to get that in check... Holistic medicine combined with Western is always the best approach.....

I just wanted to add that its also important to seek the help of a very good Alternative practitioner .....preferably one who uses muscle teating or ART to help determine where your body is and what it can tolerate.....

many times are systems are not strong enough to go through a cleanse or tolerate certain alternative modalitites or supplementation, and have to be brought back up to strength before we can continue with treatments.......

Hope you feel better!

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Thanks for all your input guys!! :) I've scheduled an appt. with my POTS doc. for next Mon.

I'm still sticking with mostly bland foods, trying to stay hydrated, and keeping the gasX handy.

I THINK this might be IBS..but I'm not ruling out the gall bladder or gluten intolerence. I'm still feeling pretty yucky...headache..weak and shakey...maybe a virus? I have been eating a lot more veggies lately..especially at night so I don't know! :blink:

Thanks again for your support and suggestions!

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