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Happy St.Patti's Day...


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Happy St. Patricks Day to you as well!!

Thought I'd share "my' dorkiness ;)

My husband, Aubrey is originally from Ireland, yep right off the boat!!! My family isn't Irish so of course we never celebrate St. Patricks day to the extreme we do now. My poor husband, lol

Well to start the day off he is served his breakfast of, yep you guessed it LUCKY CHARMS!! complete with green cereal bowl, spoon with a gigantic clover and naturally green tea.

Lunch, well he will be at work when he opens this. Two corn beef sandwiches, bread cut into clovers.... Two green gatorades, adorn with Irish wraps we made on the computer. Green bag of chips, green gummy clovers, green apple, green pear, green grapes, pack of green gum. Hostess green coconut thingys and cupcakes from the bakery, my mom picked up complete with shamrock frosting!! (He works 12 hour shifts!!)

We have also put clover confetti, and kiss me I'm irish pins in the box as well as putting clover stickers all over the sandwich bags. Can you see his co-workers faces yet.. LOL

For dinner when he gets home he will have his favorite. Shephards pie and Salad....with his favorite dessert, not green, Cheesecake!!! For putting up with all my silliness through out the day.

Have a great day



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