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EP Appointment on Thursday


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Hello Everyone,

Please say a prayer or keep mr in your thoughts. I have an appoitment to see an EP doctor on Thursday. My family doctor called the doctor and explained how upset he was with my care. He told them I have been to Cleveland, Mayo, and the U of I, and now I just need someone to follow my care here. He explained how I need someone to finally follow my care, and really want to help me get better or at least try to help. That if he was not interested in helping to let him know and he would find somone else to take over my care. This doctor said we would like to contiune to follow my care, and wants to see me right away and see if we could come up with a treatment for my POTS, and look into my pacemaker and see whats going on!

I don't want to get my hopes up as I have been let down before, who knows maybe this will be the time I get the care I need.


Guess what, this was really awsome! My family has been coming to this site. In fact many of my family members have been reading information, and my mom has told everyone about my story listed under the story part of the web page. I can't beleive how there are starting to understand everything I/we go though. In fact a good friend of my mom's order 5 bracelets, gave one to my mom, one to my aunt, and then to 2 of her other friends. When my mom told me this last night I got off the phone and just was so happy to know they are starting to understand! I hope they will continue to seek for information when it come to POTS/ Dysautonomia. I am just happy that the next time I go home that there will be more understanding of whats going on with my body.

Take care!


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