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Nose throbbing and throat constriction

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

I am sorry to complain..but I am at my wits end. I can't understand why in the world these odd symptoms seems to be increasing in severity. Throbbing nose and constricted throat. I am noticing that I am seeing more and more white/red spolotches on my hands...my mouth keeps feeling numb.

I called Bev's office and she said to stop the mestinon and call on Mon..I think that I am going to just be in her office on Mon. and find out if they are missing something with me or what. I wish that I could ignore it but it is intensifying wach day it seems.

Remember when I used to say I feel like I am breathing heat..well this is the outcome.

It feels like there is a rod or something keeping my throat/ esophagus from relaxing at all..


Scared + Frustrated in Ohio..Belinda

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Sounds like an allergic reaction to a medication???

White spots ......could they be hives???

Throat constricting....is also sign of allergy.

If I were you I'd go to see a doctor, ASAP.

You might be allergic to one of your medications?

Good luck...let us know what you find out

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Guest Belinda

Hi ..the splotches/spots are blood pooling or whatever..don't think it is hives but GEEZ..either it is blood pooling or whatever it is that happens to us..my legs are also gettingworsewith the purple and white splotches only I see them when sitting too. Is it possible to overdilate and just implode...they are fine whatever.it is the throat and throbbing that is getting me postal and no a therapist wouldn't help right now just a competent medical professional..

seriously..I have no idea what to do to make any of this better....

And there probably aren't any answers either..just Dysautonomia...GRR.

I am sorry for repeateing my posting it is just getting to the point of I am going to climb out of my skin ya know??

Stillthrobbing/constricted..in OHIO

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