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increased mucus and congestion after eating?


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i get even more mucus in my nose and throat, and congestion after eating, and i always have chronic sinus problems and post nasal drip, but it gets worse after eating, and i dont think my problem is allergy related, but just wondered if this is some kind of autonomic response to eating, and if any of you get this too and if there is any medicine to help cut down on the mucus, i already use nasonex spray and take antihistamines, but still have alot of congestion, thanks


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Do you have gastroesophageal reflux disease? This means that digestive stomach juices come up into the esophagus (where they don't belong). It is diagnosed by a doctor doing an EDG procedure.

GERD can cause more phlegm after eating because the stomach juices are up where they don't belong and (I think) irritate the windpipe as well causing the excess phlegm.

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HI Radha,

You mentioned that you don't think it's food allergy related, but more often than not it is. Excess mucous after eating is one of the first signs of a food allergy. I'm not saying that's what it is, but you may want to try to pinpoint what it is by eating a single piece of food, such as plain whole wheat toast or a piece of cheese (wheat and dairy are often the culprits) and judge your reaction. Then the next day eat something low on the allergen scale such as rice and compare your reaction with the whole wheat toast.

With that said....I somtimes get excess mucous just from drinking a plain glass of water...go figure!! :unsure:


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