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When is it an emergency?


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Hi All,

I haven't been active here very long, but I have read the past threads plus the current ones. Between the lines and on the lines, lots of people mention ER visits. Seems like they are part of the typical POTS history. I have been to ER 7 times since my first epside just a year and a half ago. It took until the 6th time to not treat me as if I were nuts.

I really, really understand the inner struggle of feeling in need of something but knowing that the ER trip has a high probability of being more frustrating than helpful. I wish I had a chrystal ball.

Still, I feel so often on the "verge" of an emergency and so far I have just waited it out or pulled something out of my bag of tricks which actually got me through the moment. This morning a girlfriend called me who had never had similar problems as mine but her heart was pounding like crazy. Is it an emergency? I don't know.

So how do you decide? Have your doctors given you guidelines -- like a certain tachy rate, etc.? Or you doctors tell you to call it? What makes you finally go?

Does the feeling of being on the verge of an emergency go away?

I would love your thoughts and experiences.


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Thats a tough one.

I rarely go...but sometimes I give in. I think it has more to do w/ my mental state.

Sometimes when It goes on for just too long, or is new/long lasting or something that just wares me to a frazzle...then I go..

I think I am looking more assurances, and hopefully something to take the edge off.

Most the time I hide in my room and hope it goes away...

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I never made the decision to go and I had more than 16 ER trips since I crashed. Bystanders call 911 when I faint and since I am paralysed I can't even give my consent.

I am always wondering how much risks I take by not going because I never know when it is life threatening. Once I woke up in the ressucitation room wondering if I had had a heart attack or what.

I just hate going to the ER and being told that I am not an ER case.

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I wrote about my burst appendix in another post.....

Went all day through tests screaming at the top of my lungs from pain.... told they didn tknow what it was, and discharged me due to a snow storm that was causing a lot of patient traffic in the ER...

Had to go back to the ER after I got home the pain was so unbearable..

Long story short: I had a burst appendix that had I not gone back it wuld have not been a good scene......

SO even with a cold case of appendicitis I was overlooked.. I lost ALL faith after that!

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Everytime I have an adrenaline rush, I want to call 911. From past experience I do not go to the ER anymore. If I become unconcious and don't wake up, if I'm bleeding profusely, if I have a seizure, if I get weakness on one side, or an obvious heart attack, I will go otherwise forget it. I have decided it's just not worth it because no one knows what to do.

It's really hard to ignore the symptoms, but some of us are also hypersensitve to the physical changes in our bodies. (ME)

I'm seeing a physcologist now to try to learn some techniques to help me through the tough times.

Dawn :D

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