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Burning eyes

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My eyes, both or one at a time, tend to get sore..then water...then burn so bad I can't hardly keep them open. I also have a tear duct (lacrimal sac) that got acutely infected and abcessed a few months ago...but the burning eyes happened before that too...

Does the autonomic system control this stuff too?? I am not sure if the eyes are dry or what, cause they water at first...But the burning is awful.

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Sounds miserable. They say dry eyes can overwater to compensate. It is also high pollen season in So. Cal. so what about allergies to airborne pollens in your vicinity? At least there are lots of soothing products sold in health and drug stores so hopefully you will get some relief.


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Don't worry deary, I tend to have the same problem. Especially when changing lighting, like going from inside to outside on a sunny day. A good pair of sunglasses might help you actually, because you might have a problem with the dialation of your eyes that is causing irrations. This is common since the autonomic nervous system controls this function.

I do hope you find something to ease your eyes! B)


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Interesting. Yes mostly it triggers off if I am driving at night. I thought it was maybe the heater running, so I quit using it and it still happened. I thought maybe the air in my car was over dry (would be a miricle since I live on the oregon coast where if it not pouring (to the tune of 70 inches a year) then we have really high humidity)) so I would drive w/ the window open and it could still happen.

I get it sometimes at work and also at my daughters ballet studio....lots of lighting in both places...

I will investigate...

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