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EEG results discussion

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On the night driving post we got into a discussion of EEG results when given photic stimulation...The post was getting interesting so I thought I would put this out as its own topic... It seems at least a few of us have gotten some interesting results that have been dismissed by docs...

My abnormal EEG (this was back in 1983) said "EEG showed focal abnormalities in the left temporal and right occipital areas and was said to have had possible seizure disorder."

The second 'Normal" EEG (two months later) said "The abnormalities seen on the previous recording was no longer present. She also had visual-evoked responses which were mildly abnormal due to the asymmetry of responses. The absolute ltencies are prolonged on the right side compared to the left, Suggests possible mild decreace in visual acuity on right or mild optic nerve dysfunction on right. " and "Brainstem evoked response test. "auditory evoked potential problem Normal bilateral absolute latencies of all peaks normal and all interpeak latencies normal in the right. Mild delay of interpeak latency between waves 1 and 3 on left. Suggests possible low brainstem lesion w/ intrinsic brain stem dysfunction."

The docs said all was normal though...


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Interesting...the main abnormality in my EEG was also focal spike and wave abnormalities, which are often seen in seizure-type disorders. I had one temporal lobe fire, then the other, then both, etc. Because it wasn't just one side or a repeating pattern and because I didn't have symptoms suggesting a seizure disorder, they guessed it was reduced blood flow to the temporal lobes at the time of the test. I didn't have latency issues.

Has anyone else seen seizure-type patterns, focal abnormalities, spike and wave types of findings on their EEGs?


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hmm the apst 4 EEG's i have had done all show that I have slowed brain functioning.. but nobody knows the casue or reason of it.. I have the eeg report but do not understand what theya re speaking of about spikes and stuff like that.. <_<:)

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