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Alpha Lipoic Acid 1oo mg


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Ok, I read about a month ago somewhere (it was on my computer before it crashed) that Dr. Low of the Mayo clinic told some of his patients to take Alpha lipoic acid.

Well, I got a small dose 100mg, but I burp it up afterwards...the oil. It's gross. It reminds me of 26 years ago when they came out with fish oil caps and I tried those...NASTY after taste.

What is "This stuff". I remember it being good for nerves to communicate via ANS?

I have tried it a few times and thought it was because I took on empty stomach. But food stays in my stomach so long, I am afraid to try it with food.

I did try digestive enzymes.

At least this was a $5 bottle. but gosh.

Also, if anybody has that blurb about Dr. Low, please let me know the link.


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Alpha Lipic acid is good for liver detox... I use it b.c of my long term abx use to help keep my system clean.....

I also think it is a powerful antioxidant.....

Here a link abut the supplement:


Hope it can help some! :)

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