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POTS doc in Georgia

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My boyfriend and I are talking about getting married next spring and he wants to move to Georgia. I'm really concerned that I won't be able to find a doctor who treats POTS. At this time there are no physicians listed on the DINET list for Georgia. It will probably be a year or more before we move, but I don't want to get excited and make plans if I won't be able to receive sufficient medical care in that area. Does anyone that lives in Georgia have any suggestions of a good doctor? I'd appreciate any input.

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I live in Georgia (Augusta area) and see Dr. Wharton at MUSC in Charleston, SC (that's about 3 hours from here). I'm told that there are EPs at Medical College of Georgia here in Augusta that are familiar with POTS, but I don't know their names.

My neuro from SC (I just moved here) is transferring my care to Dr. Rivner at MCG. My neuro has a few patients with POTS, but feels that Dr. Rivner is very knowledgable about POTS and he's right in town. He couldn't get me an appt. until May, but I'd be happy to let you know how it goes after I see him.


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