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Neti Pot


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Okay I just used a Neti Pot for the first time!

My Hopkins doc suggested I try it since I have so many sinus problems. It was a very strange feeling allowing the saline to go in one nostril and out the other. I couldnt do all 8oz of the saline (like the box said) but I did about 4oz on each side. I'll keep practicing...

I can breathe better at the moment, but my nose is a little runny.

Has anyone else tried this? Did you have any luck with it? Are the effects only immediate, or do they really last all day or all week...? I have no clue... I am just experimenting here....

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I used to use one but for me everytime I used it my ears got blocked up and painful.

I think it is good for keeping sinuses clear but if you have an actual infection in there the pot could push the infection further into your cavity.....

I am not Dr so look up that info just to be sure b.c I read it a long time ago and I saw an EN and Throat who told me that.

Hope it helps you get some relief!

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My brother-in-law showed me his and I told him that to me it looked like a good way to end up with an ear infection since it required him to tip his head back...

I use a big syringe and lean over the sink and use the saline - does wonders...

About a year later brother-in-law ended up in the hospital - with a really bad ear infection. I do not know if the neti pot had anything to do with it or not. But the warm salt water - sure gives a lot of relief!

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He was tipping his head back? Well that's not right.

For using the neti pot, you should be careful to keep your head level to the side (chin and forehead at the same heights) so the saline runs in one nostril and out the other... not back into your throat or ears!

I saw the syringe in the stores (it was like a foot long), it does the same thing as a neti pot... it just looks different.

Anyway, I am still learning how to use mine, too. It seems to help by clearing out my sinuses.

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