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Does anyone have this?


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I have small fiber neuropathy in my feet and right hand. I don't think it gets better, but honestly no one told me if it does or not. I found out at Vandy and at the time I had bigger fish to fry.

I don't even notice I have it, although I get pins and needles in my right hand sometimes, but not in my feet. Do you have symptoms of it?

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Guest tearose

Yes, I have this.

No, I asked about how the small fiber neuropathy/denervation could be reversed. The doctor said that information is not known. I always visualize my small fibers coming back to life...hey, a girl can dream right? :huh:

I manage fairly well and consistently with the "commercial grade" :ph34r: 40mm compression panty hose and the body compression I use.

Are you using any compression?

Oh, my sf neuropathy is in my legs and abdomen. I suppose some people may have it on a place that is difficult to compress? :ph34r:

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