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How do you sit in meetings and waiting rooms?


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Hi Everyone,

I have another practical question. Sitting for a long time -- like waiting in doctors' offices -- makes me really light-headed. I have read that putting your feet on a stool or the chair helps to sit longer, but I cannot figure out how to do that when I am out. I guess I could carry a briefcase or something.

Do you have ideas for how to sit for a long time? Are there little portable stools or something? Or do you just move your legs or something?

I am open to all suggestions and links.

Thanks for being here.


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In my office I had piled up boxes prior to my employer getting me a chair w/ a foot rest. IN meetings I usually sit near a table corner where there might be a cross bar to prop my feet up on or an empty chair. Otherwise I usually cross my legs alternately do circles w/ whatever foot is up. If the chair is big enough then I try and sit indian style...but usually chairs in waiting rooms/meeting rooms are not that big... I also have been known to sit on the radiators that line the windows inside some office buildings.

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Things I've done:

If I know the doctor and there's going to be a LOOOONG wait, I'll tell the receptionist I can't sit that long, then I'll either go out in the hallway and recline on a bench or better yet, go to my car and have her call me when they're ready, or give me an approximate time to show up again.

I don't care what people think anymore. I pull a second chair up to my legs and rest them on it. I've had some people look at me and comment something like "You look comfortable" Whereupon I say, "I need to keep my legs up for health reasons." or "It's either this or I pass out" (somewhat of a lie)

At church I sit where I can get up anytime without distracting the pastor - in the balcony at the farthest corner.

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Guest tearose

Hi newbie LL!

Try everything! Trust your instincts.

Always travel with a "POTS" bag. It should have things like water, electrolytes, cooling or warming clothes, some small food snack....get the idea? Always go prepared.

I use a seat cane and will get up and walk and go back and sit down. Then I'll shake a foot or cross my legs and then maybe stand up again. I can sit much better than stand but after about 15 mins in a chair I'll need to wiggle a little, so I do!

Others will have suggestions too, take a few and try them out.

best regards, tearose

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Thanks, everyone. Good and practical ideas. I think I will also take my cell to doctors' offices and go for a walk if they run late and make them call me (I cannot lie down, but have to move). But for meetings where I am stuck I will just use chairs and pull my feet up or wiggle them.

A POTS pack of sorts does go with me everywhere, but I have learned some stuff to add from you all.

Where can I get a seat cane? I tried to look up chair cane (because I forgot what exactly you said) and got lots of chairs made out of cane/rattan. I guess med supply places would have them.

Thanks again.


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