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Suggested Books on Coping w/ Chronic Illness


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A few weeks ago I mentioned I was looking for some books and/or workbooks.

I just wanted to give everyone an update on what I've read. Of course we all have personal preferences so you guys may take away different things from different books.

Keep in mind, I have been looking for books that address some of the emotional aspects of dealing with a chronic illness....grief issues re: some of the losses we experience such as loss of identity when we can't do what we used to do, jobs, ability to drive etc etc. So my recommendations come from that perspective.

You Don't Look Sick...Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness By Joy Selak & Steven Overman, MD, MPH

This book was a quick read for me and I got a lot out of it. There are also questions at the end to aid either your own coping process or in a group discussion. I would recommend this book to anyone with Chronic Illness.

The Etiquette of Illness by Susan P. Halpern. This book didn't address what I was looking for however it was a good book. It is a book I think everyone on the universe could learn from and gleen things they could put into practice when communicating with people who are ill.

A Delicate Balance...Living Successfully with Chronic Illness by Susan Milstrey Wells. I also highly recommend this book too. As the title suggests, it covers various topics of the stages of dealing with a chronic illness.

Sunfish had also recommended this book some time ago (which is where I got the suggestion to read it)

Blindsided By Richard Cohen. This book is about his experience living with MS. The book wasn't bad by any means but in terms of what I was looking for it didn't cover it. This is his Memoir and frankly, even though he says he's learned he's more than the person who held a career he spends a great deal of his time in the book talking about the job he can no longer do. So, I felt like even though he was saying he learned he was not his career I don't really "believe" it because so much of the book discusses the details of his career.

Again, not a bad book....just not what I was looking for.

I'm still reading and waiting on a workbook to come in so I'll keep everyone posted on those in due time.

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Thanks for the update. I just got done with the book You don't look sick. I thought us was great how Joy talked about stepping out of the box, as you may not know you have gotten better. I think somtimes it is better to push yourself even if you get sick at least you had some fun along the way to, and know what you can and can not do. Plus it was nice to learn how she never gave up, from treartment even to the fight with the disablity company. I think this was a great book.

I am getting read to order another is then one you would suggest more? I am sit trying to comes to terms my life is changes, and that things will not be the same. I find it been nice to hear how others have come to terms witht here walk.

Thanks again for the update! :P


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