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I need your help!


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Well I am still not feeling better and due to all the meds I have gotten a ulcer to top it off. I really want to stop some of the meds, and due to the fact some of them are to help my fiuld in my body, I would really like to try IV treatment. I talk to my doctor about it once and he didn't seem like really trying it. I am just tired of felling so bad. I sent the last 48 hour sitting in the reclining chair with my oxygen on, and a heating pad because I am so cold. I have had a head that will not go away, even with the meds. and my heat keeps racing and then slowing down. I feel so dizzy and have even had to sit on the floor on the way to the bathroom of I would pass out. I really want to try the IV flilds to see if it will help. I just want alittle fo my life back. Maybe thats asking for to much. I am worried somtimes just being home alone with my son. What it I pass out with him being the only one home. He is only four years all, I don't want to scare him.

So it anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!

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