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Just wanted to shout out THANK you!

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

First I just want to thank all of you that listen to my posting a few days ago (uhh brain fog..LISTENED??)

Okay read and did or didn't respomd....big hugs to all of you.. It has been rough these last few months.

I did see ENT today he said tht he thinks part of this is the blood vessels in my nose and throat as there are many of them and he thinks it is due to the vasoconstriction/diliation in these areas. ANMd made a comment on how broad of control the autonomic system has and can wreak havoc and cause so many wierd things...

LIKE I DIDN"T KNOW...LOL. But bless him for trying to comfort me. So really I got some nasal sparays non-steriodal to see if they help.

Oh well..I will just keep movin along. But thanks again all of you I am so blessed to have found you all!!

Umm..yes so onto wierd things I know that some or maybe one of you mentioned that your nose gets cold feeling..mine does at oddball times and it is right now but I was thinking that I would try and invent a nose warmer...my boyfriend like to tell me I can put my nose in his a**. Being a funny guy tht he is ..how LOL tasteful. Not that this is the worst symptom that I have but I wonder how to warm up the nosey like I warm up hands and feet??

Take care all..again HUGS!


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nose warmer Huh?? LOL that is funny!! I think alot of use would invest in one..if somebody ever invents one..it really wouldnt surpirise me if somebody does!! LOL

here'sa crazy though.. but what about wrapping a scarf around your nose area?? like you would when you got out side?? considering that most of us breath fire.. we could warm our noses up that a way!! LOL

hmm i'm not sure..I thought maybe a warm wash cloth "propped" up on your nose.. but .. Uh after thinking about it.. I'm not even sure I would LIKE that!! i cant stadn people breathing there hot breath in my face. let alone a warm washcloth on my nose!!

Sounds like you are feeling abit better today!! that is very good!

take care!! and if you ever do come up with a nose warmer idea i'd love to hear it!!.. I wear many many pairs of socks on my feet.. and if i got outside multiple layers of gloves.. but the nose.. hmmm HAHAHAHA I just had a funny thought.. if we all had noses like that funny looking character on seasame street... we would have no problem putting something on our noses!!


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