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yep.. I was on the clonidine (catapress tts-1-2-3)..i noticed a difference on it.. its one of the few meds that have offered me some relief from hyperadrengic pots.. and really helped things (symptoms)..

Um if you are sensitive to adhesive (the sticky stuff on thepatch).. if may cause you r skin in the area to get irritated..i had some weird skin reactions to the patch.. the medication patch..casued a light blue ring around my skin where the patch.. so if you see that dont be alarmed.. that is a normal reaction so I'm told.. then the other patch (the overlay) taht goes over the medication patch.. no funny colors there..

Um before you put the patch on.. (i wore mine on my upper arm.. and just rotated arms every week).. make sure that the area of the skin is clean.. and dry.. make sure that there isnt any lotion or body oil. or stuff like that on the area that you wear the patch or it will not stick right.. and will fall off your arm before the week is out.. trust me i learned from experience!! you can put alittle bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or something and clean the area.. that works well..

I used the clonidine patches from 2003-2005..(verysensitive skin i have!) and now take the pill form of clonidine befreo i go to bed.. it really helps with hyperadrengic attacks.. (i tend to get them in the wee early hours of the morning..)..

I really hope that you have success with the patch and that it helps you.. the nice thing about the patch is.. if you dont like how it makes you feel.. you can take it off and wash the residue off you skin.. Dr. G.. gave me the patch form.. he said that it works better then some pill form b/c it is directly absorbed into the skin.. I was like atfirst how is a patch going to help.. but it did!!

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