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Hi, everyone,

Anyone who's ever used Celexa--Did you have fluctuations in your blood pressure and sugar while adjusting to it? I'm having some major problems right now. I just started taking 5 mg each night on Monday, and now, Friday, I'm having problems with my blood pressure going all over the place and my sugar going higher than usual, even when I haven't eaten for awhile.

Anyone had this experience? If so, did you continue with the med and did it stop?



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I was not able to tolerate taking Celexa at night. For some reason, I did better taking it in the am. I've been on it for years...since 2001 (now on Lexapro, which is essentially the same).


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My presc is for morn. I can't make up my mind if it is helping or not. I've been tempted to stop taking it and see if it is actually taking it but I hate to make myself sick if it is working. i've never taken at night or noticed a sugar problem.

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oddly enough i couldn't tolerate celexa in the morning (made me nauseous). otherwise though i had no problems with it or with lexapro other than having a bit of a tough time when i stopped (needed to for research studies & then didn't go back on). like you i had a tough time deciding whether or not it was helping me though....

i didn't have any problems with sugar levels (that i was aware of) or with more labile BP (than what is already "normal" for me).

:) melissa

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