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ncs..now many times..


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hi, i do not post alot cs of spelling is not good so please exuse.

i know im body does not like me standing very long with out getting very dizzy and lght haeded .at home i can pace myself and sit befor i fall or passout.in the last 3 monts ben under a lot of stress .first was out of topamax for 2 week cs of no money ,now back on but body did not like it,.but this wek i had 2 doc apt both times i passed out the nurses freaked out and cassed 911.then called the doc . doc is thinking nerves. ...bull...how can I CONTROL BL 63/45 hr45 and the go up to 145/90 hr 100 in 15 just buy laying down?

does anyone else with ncs passout and ,how do you handle it.

thank you for any in sight.

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My husband has NCS and yes, stress is a factor for him and so is fatigue or illness or dehydration or anything else that puts a strain on the system. He is on a set of medications that seems to control his passing out for the most part but still, laying down when he starts to feel the blood pooling in his legs (heaviness and heat) is the best way for him to prevent a spell. He also needs to drink a lot when he is at this point and after about 20 minutes he is usually OK. I know your condition is difficult to control - it took us a few years to get to this point of understanding of how to minimize his symptoms. As I understand, my husband is one of the fortunate ones that get's a set of warning symptoms - many do not and the first thing they are aware of it that they are waking from passing out.

PS - don't sweat the spelling :) Those who can spell sometimes cannot type or the brain fog kicks in and really messes things up.

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Hi, sorry you are having such a hard time. I, too, have NCS. Florinef helps raise blood pressure as does my lactated ringers (IV saline). Are you on any meds to raise your blood pressure or control your heartrate?

I know how terrifying it can be but it can be manageable if you are able to find the right combo of drugs. Good luck!


PS This is one place you don't have to worry about spelling or grammar because most of us have problems at some point with our coherency (especially in the morning!).

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