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c-reactive protein

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

I was reviewing my blood work from the Cleveland Clinic. I noticed my c-reactive protein was 0.2----with the reference renge to be <2.0. From what I have read this test measures inflammation in the body. It said it can be a good marker for risk of an MI.

I have been worried about cardio vascular disease due to my very low HDL of 27---which was 35 on the blood test before that one. I had lowered my numers---LDL was 131---and now 126---triclycerides was 260 and now 205, and HDL was 35 now 27-- . looks like my HDL went down with the rest of the numbers----not happy about that.

Aerobic exercise is not an option right now---and climbing steps is like climbing a mountain---just horrible all the way around---pain wise, out of breath, and heart rate through the roof. My BP has been running on average----105/60---and 75/50 standing, but i've had numbers of 60 over something. these numbers have been consistant over three weeks now.

I am not terribly overweight---just 10-15 pounds since the meds for the POTS, before that I was always pretty thin---and when nearing age 40 I was more average----never really having a weight problem. The consistant pain in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine---along with joint pain in hips, fingers and feet further increase the inability to be mobile. However, I still try to maintain my home and cook----but have great difficulty running errands now. Getting out greatly increases a POTS crash.

The pain in my mid back has been so bad it goes straight through to my chest---which created further anxiety making my wonder is this pain from a heart issue---or is it just my spine issues. My thoracic spine feels like it's on fire.

Going to the Grocery store today for two items wiped me out---but---dummy me---I continued to due some chores at home---nothing horribly heavy---but pushed me way beyond my limits.

My fear is that i'm a heart attack waiting to happen. My last heart test was a stress echo 2 years ago---it didn't take long for my heart rate to get to 150---then they made it stay that was for about 5 minutes. They said the test was normal---and the nurse said the test can show if I have coronary artery disease---then said I was fine.

My HDL has always been low---so I worry because the HDL cleans your arteries---and a number of 27 can't be good. But it looks as if my c reactive protein is pretty low----which means I could be at low risk of an MI.

I'm going to go with omega -3---(the flaxseed oil I bought is already expired!)---and I have a visit with a new PCP on March 2nd to get her view. My other PCP moved to Cincinnatti.

Before all this I was always active and walked up to 5 miles at a time, danced---played frisbee (sorry--a 70s thing, and I was pretty good)---but my HDL was still low----even when I weighed 116 pounds it only 25 at age 31.

Any input would be helpful.


Julie :0)

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Hi Julie,

I was a little confused by your post. It's good to have a low CRP - yours sounds great!

Please see my old post on fish oil - if you're going to do omega 3s for lipids, please consider doing fish, not flax.

The clinic is a fabulous place for cardiology, as you must know. Try to see a preventive cardiologist and they will evaluate your particle size as well - far more important than just the numbers that you currently report.

Good luck!

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Guest Julia59

Thank's momdi,

Yes, from what I have read my c-reactive protein looks real good...

What Clinic are you talking about---The Cleveland Clinic?

Or the cardiac clinic at MUO?

Thanks for replying................. :)

Julie :0)

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The Cleveland Clinic is consistently rated #1 in the US for cardiology, some people think it's #1 in the world. I'm from Cleveland, now live in the Chicago suburbs, and recently knew someone who had a lifetime low HDL, who traveled to Cleveland to be followed by one of the Clinic's preventive cardiologists. BTW, one the things that they prescribed to her is niacin. It actually used to be widely used as a cholesterol lowering agent before all the statin drugs came out, but it also has the effect of raising HDL. Although you can find niacin anywhere, I would not try this by myself.

BTW, one of the early *pioneers* of looking beyond cholesterol and studying markers like CRP is at the Clinic - Steve Nissen - the other being Paul Ridker of Harvard.

There are so many cardiac risk factors - I think the statistics are that 1/2 the people with heart attacks have *normal* cholesterol. I guess my point is that the current thinking is to look at crp, as your doctor did, as well as LPa (pronounced: L - P - little a), and particle size. If I had a very low HDL, I would want to get a consultation with a preventive cardiologist. Great news on your CRP, but I would want to know more.


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Guest Julia59

Hi Dianne,

Thanks for the information. I have been to the Cleveland for my neck/chiari issues----the NSG there does not believe I have a problem with my neck, or that I have significant Chiari, but yet two other neurosurgens believe I need surgery. I tend to agree with the other surgeons as I have too much pain---and hyper mobility in the cervical/cranial area---and it's unstable. Dr. Benzel from CC thought I have CFS and fibromyalgia and sent me to see one of their rheumatologists which I have not seen yet.

On my first evaluation with the physical therapist-MD was that I should see a NSG first---but now he is passing me to rheumatology---although he scheduled one more appointment for me to see him again, but I think I might cancel it because it's a waste of time as he does not believe I have a significant problem that is spine/or chiari related---although my myelopathy is getting worse, he doesn't think it's connected.

I mentioned my low HDL on my first visit---and they never said anything about seeing cardiology.

I wish I could just go outside and RUN whihc is great for bringing up the HDL----- but, anything aerobic would just flatten me.

I see my new PCP on March 2nd---I'll bring it up to her and see if she will recommend the CC---cardiology dept. My last PCP did not think any of this was a big deal---then I lost the PCP who did--(she is the one who prescribed statins, but I'm not able to tolerate them)---I just think woman aren't taken seriously sometimes when they bring up heart disease----but yet thet are continuously preaching about it in ads, books, journals, internet ect.----but when we go to do something about it they snicker about it.

Niacin would probably really aggravate my POTS----that's what I was told anyway---it's a vasodilator.

Thanks for the information on the CC and for answering my post, this is really something that makes me a bit anxious until I find out i'm in the safe zone.------------- :)

Julie :0)

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I might be wrong but the way I'm reading your lab value is less than 2.0 is the reference range, so 0.2 is great. If in doubt you could probably even call the nurse and ask her about this.

I'm sorry you've been feeling so crappy. You shouldn't stress about being a heart attack waiting to happen as this just stresses your heart & body unnecessarily. Think good thoughts and try to stay on an upswing of positive B) I know easier said than done but if in doubt, watch the movie Patch Adams :P

If your terribly afraid and need reassurance, I would put a call into your cardiologist and tell them what your concerns are. That way they can reassure you that the tachy isn't much of an issue for a heart attack. My Aunt was running nearly 300 bpm (PSVT) before her 2nd ablation.

Take care & hang in there, you're not alone


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