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I began taking 30 mg of mestinon on Saturday, and the docs are already putting a hold on it. I was nausated all weekend with extreme fatigue. This morning I woke up and everything was blurry and then my heart took off. (...thinkin' svt?!?) Then came the near syncope. Passing out is my BIGGEST fear, and I come close alot. All i know, is that I was scared to death and it happened twice. I'm not sure thats it is related to the medication. . .Did anyone have these side effects or do u think its just pots? I also am having fatigue so bad my legs keep giving out, and I end up falling down. I noticed an increase in anxiety and I feel more tachy then I have been. Any thoughts?

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All I can say is that if I had started out on 30 mg, I would not be feeling very well either.

I am starting using the liquid form which has allowed me to take 1 milliliter, which is the equivalent of 12 mg.

And I am noticing side effects from that. I have increased heartburn, some stomach cramping ( though not so bad today. Today is the fifth day at this dose.)

But the good news is, while the med is in me, I have more energy and less potsy symptoms.

I still don't know if I'll be able to keep taking this, though. I will be talking to my neuro this Thursday.

Did you have to start at 30 mg? We're all so sensitive to meds.

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