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mestinon causing headache


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hi everyone,

i know that mestinon is a hot topic these days. well i am on 30mg a day and so far it is not helping. i'm not sure if i should go up or not because it seems to be making my already-present headache worse. has anyone been getting headaches from it? also, i seem to be more orthostatic on it. it is pretty weird. happy early valentines day!


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Yes, I had a mild constant ache in my head while I was on Mestinon. I don't think this is one of the "normal" side effects but has been the case for some of us on this forum.

I ended up going off of Mestinon after a 3-4 week trial due to the headache. There is always a chance that it could go away and I hope this is the case for you.

Take Care, ;)


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Yes. I just started with a mini dose this past Thursday. I've noticed:

slight headache

increased gut dysmotility including diarrhea sometimes

increased heartburn

seem to have a good energy level when it's in my system

don't seem to notice my "potsy" feeling as often while it's in me

I'm not sure I'll be sticking with this even though I want/need Mestinon to work.

I'll probably stick with it about 2 weeks unless the heartburn finally gets to me.

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I just started taking mestinon on Sunday and I have been nausated ever since. I also am having extreme fatigue, so bad that I have been falling. I also had two bad spells this morning where everything got blurry, and my heart took off. We are not sure if they are related, but they want me off of it until the end of the week. I too was only on 30 mg x1 daily. Best of luck! ;)

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