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Aqua Aerobics?


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Okay, despite my tagline, I haven't worked out in awhile since it made me so sick.

I cannot decide whether to buy a a membership to a gym which offers aqua aerobics classes. The fee is $50/month and there are 3 classes in the evenings per week. This is expensive, but worth it if I can get exercising again.

What are your experiences with AA classes? Do they generally make you sick the next day? Does it seem easier than land exercise? Do the waves make you sick (I have nausea)? How about getting out of the water and getting dressed- is that super hard?

What has helped? I really need your opinions!

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Well in my experience- water aerobics is the only kind of real 'exercise' I have been able to do since I've had CFIDS and NMH.

I took classes (twice/week when able) for a few months last year. I always made sure I warmed up very slowly and then cooled down very slowly. We used styrofoam 'weights' in the water to build up arm muscles.

To me, the movements in the water felt SO good. I would be sore the next day, but a 'good' kind of sore, ya know?

Everyone is different- I wouldn't exercise without talking to your doctor(s) first. I had to fill out medical forms and get a signed paper from my doctor saying I could take the water aerobics class.

If I was feeling 'questionnable' at all, I would NOT go to the class that day. I only went on very "Good Days" and then still took it easy. I didn't keep up with the instructor- but that's what's great about exercising in the water, no one can really see what you are or are NOT doing under there! :-P

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