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Pregnancy & Medicare


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See above link. Under covered services it lists "Medically necessary" coverage so the way it reads, if you are pregnant there medical services are medically necessary and thus should be paid.

Additionally, Under what is NOT covered, it does not list Pregnancy as a broad category so you should have some coverage.

Honestly, probably the quickest place to get your answers on this is the insurance and billing employee in your Dr's office. If they accept Medicare assignment, they should be familiar with what medicare will and won't pay.

With the new drug plan that throws another whole "kink" in here for you though. Epidural and the related supplies is probably not covered under the original plan because it was a drug and they didn't cover any meds. Now, if you have signed up for a DRUG plan then it would depend on the plan you are on. You may have up to a $250 deductible to pay for epidural and the related supplies or you may have a % of coverage w/out a deductible. It all depends on your plan.

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I am 24 years old and have Medicare part a and b.

Does anyone know if Medicare helps cover pregnancy expenses at all?

I have been looking for this info online and haven't found anything helpful. Just thought I'd ask you guys if you knew anything about it...

PS- I do not have Medicaid (aka Medical Assistance). I used to have that but since I got married my husband's income counted against us. So I'm not talking about "Medicaid" I'm talking about Medicare b/c I have a disability.

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Did you get a 2006 booklet? If you did, you should be able to find it. Or you can call them and ask.

As I said in chit chat, I just don't know, I don't think a lot of people on medicare have babies, so it just may not be mentioned specifically. I usually just call and ask if I can't find the answer.

The majority of people on medicare are too old or too sick to become pregnant, so I just don't think it's part of their vocabulary. But I would assume it would cover reasonable costs. Part B is HMO insurance after all, that you have to pay for and it supposedly covers all the things part A doesn't. Except meds of course.

Sorry i can't be more helpful. Are you thinking of becoming pregnant? I only ask because I would wonder if they wouldn't wonder how sick you are if you can have a baby and take care of it. This is not me, but I think since it's so hard to get and keep, they'll boot you off if they think you are healthy enough for that.

I wouldn't want to deny anyone the right to have kids, but I don't think medicare would hesitate to. morgan

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I also have Medicare A and B but they are my secondary b/c of my husbands insurance.....

Although I will be switching it to primary soon b.c of a job change with hubby...

I would think that Pregnancy would be covered since they cover hospital expenses and OB/gyn visits...

Glad you posted this b/c its a good thing to look into for any of us on it .

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Yes i did read the replies on my other post, sorry for the double-post and the confusion. Just wanted to make sure it went into the right strand...

I am discouraged at the thought of Soc Sec assuming someone is well enough to work just because they have a child. Morgan, I see what you mean about their thought process (as illogical as it is), but I hope that wouldn't be true.

I was just curious about what Medicare covers... was hoping to hear from other people on Medicare who have had children.

We are not necessarily thinking about having children soon, but I want to be fully armed with information in case we do decide to go down that road. If I did get pregnant, I wouldn't be able to function on my own, and I wouldn't be able to care for the child on my own (with my husband working a lot). I would have to recruit friends, church members, family... I would need help most of the time just to get through each day. If I lost my disability/Medicare insurance (like Morgan suggested could happen), I'd be totally frustrated and we would also be in a major financial crisis.

Getting discouraged........

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