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Questions about PVC and heart stopping


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Hey everybody,

It's been a LONG time since I've been on here. But I'm down lately. Spent time in the ER last week. And I'm wondering if anybody can answer these questions I have.

I had an irregular HR at home when I first started having trouble and the whole time at the ER. The moniters kept showing PVC -- Pre Ventricular Contractions but it kept happening for a while and then would go away again. It took them a while to get it on the EKG. What exactly does this mean? The ER doc was a cardio, but he was worried about it and sent me to see a cardio the next afternoon even though I had an appointment with my regular one 4 days later. The cardio the next day said there wasn't much he could do since it wasn't happening right then, but if what the EKG showed was going on all night, then it was a problem.

I'm just wondering and going okay what's going on here, do the docs even know? Anybody with any experience of this?

Second question, I had never thought to question this before for some reason. When I pass all the way out, not just pre-syncope, I stop breathing and my heart stops. Nobody seems to know why. I was looking things up and ran across Long Q T Syndrome. But I talked with Dr. Abdallah's assistant Allison today she said my chart and records didn't show any indication of this before. I'm not seeing Dr. A. at the moment because I've moved, but he's still following me and I'm still supposed to call him or Allison with problems. From what I've read and been told, apparently my heart isn't supposed to stop with just NCS and POTS. I have NCS primary and POTS secondary. So any ideas on what causes my heart to stop when I pass out? Also any ideas on what causes me to stop breathing when I pass out?

Any ideas about where I should go to try find this out? Or what may cause it?

Thanks for any help and suggestions. And thanks for reading this!

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I also have problems with PVC's. My cardio told me that most people have them and they dont cause any problems, but with some people they do cause problems. He told me that i also have an extra heartbeat which is causing me problems.

I would definatly persue why your heart stops beating and you stop breathing when you faint. When I faint it is so quick that it seems as soon as I hit the floor, I come too. my Cardio told me that it was because my b/p goes up when I lay down. Hang in there. Vanessa

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I saw my electrophysiologist yesterday. My heart stopped beating on Wednesday. He said there was nothing he could do until my heart stops beating often. Then he can do an EKG while it is happening and see what is going on. (Now that is not a very encouraging thing to hear...until your heart stops beating often. Try living through that experience just once and see if you can be quite as nonchalant and passive.) All this to say, he couldn't address it or treat it. And he is known to be a brilliant expert in EP.

"Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth I desire beside thee. My heart and my flesh faileth, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

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If the ep is saying your heart is actually stopping and he doesn't plan on doing anything, then there is something wrong with this picture.

It's either time to find out what really happens, or find a new ep, or preferably, both. You can have pauses that can be variable, but to tell you your heart is "stopping" is not only silly, it's way too scary. And if you have symptoms, you need to find someone to address this.

When I was a cardiac nurse for a hundred years, a person's heart stopping was called cardiac arrest and people do not spontaneously recover from cardiac arrest. They can however have pauses that can last up to a few seconds that can be symptomatic and if they are, you get a pacemaker, period. Then the pacemaker will not allow these pauses to happen again.

So something is very wrong with this picture. I am in no way saying you are wrong, I'm guessing he told you that or you wouldn't be telling us. But it's just wrong terminology and that is not good. morgan

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