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Endometriosis anyone?


Do you now have or have you had endometriosis?  

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Hi all!

Hope you don't mind satisfying my curiosity on this one point. I have endometriosis and was wondering if any other POTS sufferers have it. Some of the symptoms are similar such as intestinal trouble, extreme fatigue, nausea, etc.

I'm going through the testing/diagnostic stage of POTS or something POTS-like and was wondering if the two illnesses show up together often.

Thanks a bunch!

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I find that very interesting, I was diagnosed with endomitriosis as a teenager, I had my first surgery when I was sixteen. A massive cyst burst on one of my ovaries causing quite a mess. By the time I was 25 my pap smears were coming back with severe dysplasia. (Cancer cells), I had two C-sections the following two years and then had to have an emergency hysterectomy one month after my last C-section. Ironically that is when my NCS started. My husband seems to think it was caused by the two years of trauma to my body??? I'm not sure if the two are connected just thought I'd let you know my background

Best Wishes


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Wow, Sue. That is interesting. I've had POTS symptoms ever since I was 15 after being operated on for a burst appendix. It wasn't until I began having feritility trouble that the endometriosis was discovered. I had laporoscopic surgery in which the dr removed most of the endo but my tubes are badly damaged and I have tons of scarring, etc. The good news is that three months after the surgery I miraculously conceived, successfully carried, and delivered a very healthy baby girl. Thank you God! It has been 10 years since the birth of my miracle baby and I have not been able to conceive again. I did see my doctor and start looking into further surgeries but in the end decided that it was too hard on my body. I'm so grateful I have my daughter. I'll leave it alone. I'm glad to hear you were able to have 2 babies! Thats great. I don't have any symptoms of the endometriosis that I am aware of other than the infertility but my husband is always prodding me to not forget I have it because we've read that it can cause extreme fatigue which I continually suffer from. That is what led me to post this poll. Thanks so much for responding! --- Debbie

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I was dx with endometriosis at 17. A doctor told me that if I was going to have a child I better do it before I turned 20. I resigned myself to being childless. I spent YEARS being disabled and huddling in bed with a heat pad 4-7 days a month. During high school I started drinking because the pain was so intense I couldn't handle it. Before I was diagnosed I thought this was normal. For years I doctor-hopped trying to get a hysterectomy. Being childless no doctor would even talk to me. when I was 28 I got back together with my childhood sweetheart and we decided to try to have a baby. After 3 miscarriages I got a pregnancy to 36 weeks and had Victor - he's now 12. Three years later I had endometrial biopsies that showed endometrial cancer; I got the hysterectomy and my life improved. BTW - my mom took DES when she was pregnant with me and my sisters, all of us developed endometriel cancer.

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