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BIO SALT-Anyone hear of it?


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;) Hi,

My husband and I took a drive and spent a day sightseeing and shopping in an Amish area, Berlin and Sugarcreek area of Ohio and we stopped in a health food store that carries alot of unprocessed goodies and homemade amish items. That's the ultimate store for me, since I can not eat most processed foods and the health food stores around me are so expensive.

I came across a product called "Bio Salt" I purchased it and I am giving it a try. I found a couple of sites online about it one is: http://biosaltusa.com/biosaltusa/moreinfo.html

Another similar product is touted on: http://www.bionatural.com.au/?newsID=88974&lPID=63

This one has a book about water and salt called Water & Salt - by -Peter Ferreira and Barbara Hendel.

I guess if we are supposed to ingest so much salt each day, it wouldn't hurt to investigate what type would be most helpfull to us. Bio-Salt lists it's ingrediants but I still have not found info to figure out how much Bio-Salt would be needed to equal how much salt I need per day. It says "It's not a salt subsitute"

http://www.bionatural.com.au/default.asp?s...cID=common_salt This is a link that says regular sodium chloride is bad?

What do you think?


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Thanks for the links. It looks similar in make up to celtic sea salt which I take.... I felt better after stopping the plain sodium chloride tabs I used to take and I replaced with the Celtic Salt......

I think its a great idea!

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